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24th Anniversary


Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that in 2015 we celebrated our company’s 24th Anniversary.
We are grateful to the customers who have cooperated with us for all these years. Our company would not be able to exist without our regular customers.

As a token of gratitude for your support over so many years, we invite you to join us for the celebration of this event and visit San Francisco at any time convenient to you.

As a gift we offer to you:

- Official Invitation to obtain an entry visa to US;
- Dinner at one of the most upscale restaurants in SF.

Upon your request, we will help you with the organization of the following services and activities:

- Arrival and Departure at the San Francisco International Airport;
- Hotel reservation;
- Sightseeing Tours in SF and surrounding areas;
- Visits to international exhibitions on topics of your interest;
- Introduction to residential and commercial real estate SF and environs;
- Meeting with an Immigration Attorney;
- Meeting with a Business Attorney;
- Meeting with the CPA, Business-Accountant, or an expert on US taxation;
- Search for partners, goods, and services;
- Opening of personal and business accounts with first-class US Banks;
- Registration of private companies, partnerships, corporations, and LLC;
- and so on.

We will try to meet your needs and interests.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco and will do our best to ensure that your trip is not only useful but is also enjoyable.

To match the conditions and dates of your trip please contact our Head Office in San Francisco.

www.USA-ACS.ru и www.Business-Visa-USA.ru


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Контакт:Dr. Gregory Finkelson
Адрес:2076 - 16th Avenue, Suite A, San Francisco, CA 94116 USA
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Web: http://www.usa-acs.ru
Skype: AmericanCorporateServices
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